Translating Memory and Remembrance across the Disciplines

Translating Memory and Remembrance across the Disciplines, a year-long conference and workshop sponsored by SUNY’s Conversation in the Disciplines program, seeks to bring together scholars and artists from across disciplines and institutions to generate collaborations, foment new queries, discover new methodologies, and build institutional bridges among scholars of memory, forgetting, and commemoration. Join us for the second and final installment of this conference and workshop.

Session II – March 11-12, 2016

KEeynote Speaker: Salamishah Tillet, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania. Department of English, Department of Africana Studies, and Core Teaching and Faculty member of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Topics might include but are not limited to:

How are we approaching the study of memory? What disciplinary limitations and methodological challenges do we face? What are the opportunities and limitations presented by studying memory from interdisciplinary perspectives?

How does memory get disciplined through institutional (academic, bureaucratic, archival) apparatuses?

How do gender and sexuality transform our understanding of memory and how are gendered practices determined by remembrance or erasure?

How can critical race scholarship shed light on what’s remembered and forgotten, by whom, and to what ends? How does memory become a practice of resistance and affirmation for underrepresented groups?

How do educational materials and processes (textbooks, standardized exams, standardized curricula) facilitate or obstruct remembering and forgetting?

What is the place of memory in discussions about collective action and social change? In what ways is memory a place for political struggle?

How do trauma and censorship (subjective and institutional) define people’s understanding of reality?

How does art become a place of, and provide a language for, practices of remembrance and forgetting, voicing and silence?


The conference will consist of two formats: Themed Panels and Workshops

In the themed panels, participants will give a 15-minute presentation of their work.

In the workshops, participants will present research in progress to receive feedback and generate dialogues with other projects from a variety of approaches to memory studies. These workshops will provide an overview of the range of methods, questions, and literatures for scholars of memory studies.

We invite and welcome submissions by both scholars and artists.

Scholars should submit abstracts of completed projects (for panel presentations) as well as works in progress (for workshops). All submissions should be 250-300 words, must identify the format of interest (panel or workshop), include the name(s) of the author(s) and the title of the project.

Artists should submit a one-page artist statement and 10 images of the work(s) on which their presentation will be focused.

Please send submissions to by January 15th, 2016.

Applicants will be notified of acceptance by January 30th, 2016. Workshop participants will be

asked to submit preliminary papers before the conference to facilitate discussants’ feedback. We will consider a range of approaches, disciplines and cases to ensure a robust and productive experience for all.


There will be a $45 registration fee to cover the costs of lunch and refreshments. Details on booking registration and accommodation options will follow on acceptance of your proposal.


Translating Memory and Remembrance Across the Disciplines is supported by the SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines program as well as SUNY-New Paltz.